Diploma in Landscape Design course

The Anna Gresham Landscape Design School is an exclusive landscape design school dedicated to teaching landscape and garden design by distance learning. We have become the first choice worldwide amongst those wanting to become qualified for a career in Landscape and Garden Design.

Become a landscape designer

The Diploma in Landscape Design course provides a thorough training in residential landscape and garden design. It is for serious career-oriented students who wish to enter landscape design at a professional level. Successful graduates earn a Diploma in Landscape Design through a comprehensive study program which is valid worldwide.

Effective home study program

With students and graduates in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Europe and many other countries, our school has become established as an international benchmark for the study of professional landscape and garden design through homestudy. We have hundreds of graduates worldwide pursuing successful careers as Landscape and Garden Designers. You can be one of them.

The Anna Gresham Landscape Design School has been delivering highly effective courses in landscape and garden design the world over since 1998.

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